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Features of Xitian Spring Machinery's full-featured compression spring machine

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Dongguan Xitian Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise integrating R&D, testing, manufacturing and sales of spring machinery and equipment. The types of spring machinery produced include computer spring machines, CNC spring machines, computer compression spring machines and other types of spring machinery equipment. , To become the new leader of Guangdong spring machinery manufacturers!

    It has a unique computer numerical control system, and fully automatic detection of spring height, easy to operate and easy to learn,

A: The shape of any compression spring can be completely described in terms of outer diameter, pitch, and number of turns. Full-featured compression spring machine, use the shape description of the compression spring to debug the production spring. (Any shape of compression spring can be debugged within three minutes, saving a lot of tuning time and tuning master Technical requirements).

B: full-featured spring compression machine has Archimedes curve and linear cam, as long as the sample is quasi-outer diameter And refer to the outer diameter, the user can use the outer diameter description to control the size of the spring outer diameter.

C: The full-featured spring compression machine has a linear spacing mechanism. As long as the zero point of the spacing and the reference spacing are calibrated, the user can Use spacing techniques to control the spacing of weak springs.

D: The full-featured spring compression machine can automatically calculate the wire feeding length for the number of turns based on the spring outer diameter and wire diameter , The user can directly describe the number of turns of the spring to adjust the spring.

E: full-featured spring compression machine, when producing springs, only need to calibrate the outer diameter and spacing, and adjust the tight ring Well, any form of compression spring can be called out within three minutes.

F: Full-featured spring compression machine, with its own length inspection and sorting device, automatically corrects the spring spacing to ensure the spring Accuracy and tolerance, improve the ratio of good products, and can carry out positive and negative tolerance sorting.

G: The system is completely compiled by assembly language. It is designed according to the characteristics of this full-featured compression spring machine, and its convenience and The operability is not achievable by general general-purpose controllers.

H: The screen can display the free height curve graph, block diagram, the free height of the spring, the current pitch, and the next correction After the pitch.

I: Pitch correction is to correct the pitch servo motor based on the actual height difference, and fix it in place at one time. For valve springs with multiple pitches a> It can be automatically corrected in proportion.

J: In the non-stop state, the user can modify the outer diameter and spacing.

K: Production of Pagoda-shaped spring, the wire feeding can automatically adapt to the change of the outer diameter, and the shape is more perfect, generally other machines cannot Comparable.

L: With WINDOWS editing operation interface, such as copy (COPY), paste (PASTE), insert (INSERT), replace (REPLACE) and delete (DELETE), programming is simple, fast and flexible.

M: The purpose of automatic programming can be realized by manual axes, and it has the function of learning.

N: The zero return point of each working axis can be set freely and will not disappear due to shutdown.

O: All work shafts (such as cutter shaft, thread feed shaft, spacing shaft, outer diameter shaft) can be used as Synchronizing the main shaft makes the synchronization work more reasonable and perfect.

P: probe device with length and angle correction

Q: The screen can display the current time, and can calculate the completion time of the work according to the actual production speed, which is convenient for production management.

R: It has a safe sensor switch, which can make the machine stop automatically or generate an alarm to sell the number.

S: With the acceleration function of cable stand, the design of wireless, tangled, broken, and running line automatically alarms and stops, so The production speed is accelerated, the efficiency is improved, and the operator does not need to be guarded by the side.


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